Spring Time = Smoothie Time


lots of berries, 2 tbsp greek yoghurt, 5 tbsp soy milk (or just milk),  4 ice cubes (either plain water or coconut water)


Today is a sunny day! Spring is coming! I truely believe in it. And spring is such a great time to have fresh and fruity smoothies. That’s why I want to show you one of the best smoothies ever. Of course it’s full of berries, I love berries. I even have a berry-habbit studiying at home (what I’m trying to do 24/7 at the moment). I have a small bowl with frozen raspberries (my absolute favourite) next to me and the computer and have them as a snack. It always makes me feel really happy (just feels like summer) while actually getting work done and keeps me from eating chocolate…

The secret of the smoothie is to toss everything together, blend and enjoy it. That’s it.


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