Inspirational Meal #1


What we have been presenting to you here on beerandleek until now was of course just a selection of a few meals we ate, new recipes we tried and food that inspired us. In this new category ‘Inspirational Meals’ we want to try to show you the things we eat on a daily basis, our basics. These are combinations we love and eat very often. There are no recipes, just our own taste buds (and the fridge content) telling us what  to put together in a dish and we hope ‘Inspirational Meals’ will inspire you to create something delicious.


Try this. Two slices of toasted bread (homemade, of course), with some spinach (seasoned with nutmeg, thyme, onions, garlic) and topped with 2 poached eggs (perfect time for me 3 minutes). Nice, easy and tasty.


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