Mini Victoria Sponge


Sponge: 225 g self-raising flour, 4 eggs, 225 g caster sugar, 225 margarine, 1 tsp vanilla extract

Buttercream: 250 g icing sugar, 65 g butter, 1 tbsp milk

Jam (I just used the jam we had in the fridge): 450 strawberries (chopped), 300 g sugar


So Alice and I are huge fans of food TV (surprise!). Name any show, we’re watching it.

When I first arrived in England, I especially loved The Great British Bake Off , because the contestants are british amateur bakers baking british cakes. That’s when I first saw the Vitoria Sponge, so british. Since then, I wanted to try to bake my own  and last week I stumbled across a recipe for the mini version.

Again, really easy to do. But let me tell you, if you don’t like super-sweet-sugar-coma stuff, don’t do it. Good thing Alice loves exactly that kind of stuff (I couldn’t eat more than one per day).

You can find the recipe here.



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