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Special Roadtrip Post #2


After we walked along Hadrian’s Wall for half a day, we went to  Edinburgh where we stayed for two nights (our recommendation: Castle Rock Hostel!). It was pretty clear from the beginning that this holiday was going to be a seafood celebration. So we treated ourselves with booking a table at the amazing ‘Ondine’ restaurant which was awesome. I also had my first oyster ever (because the world was my oyster) and what can I say, I just love seafood in every shape and colour.



After the oyster fresh Scottish mussels (in a delicious white wine-onion-garlic broth) and lemon curd with berries and shortbread combined to a marvelous menu and later we rounded the day off with some drinks at the ‘Villager’ bar and my dad enjoyed some Scottish whiskey. What a great day.



Special Roadtrip Post #1

Ok, we are  really sorry we neglected this blog over the past few weeks but we have some good excuses! First we had exams (so glad it’s over) and the last week we’ve been on a small roadtrip from lovely Lincoln over York, Northumberland, up to Scotland. There we went from Edinburgh to Oban to Glasgow and then over Kendal back to Lincoln. Naturally one of the main reasons for us doing this was food, as always (but don’t tell my dad, we tricked him into coming along with beautiful nature and stuff…) and of course we want to show you some impressions, so here is day 1 in York (long post alert!).

One of the greatest things about York was that exactly at the weekend we went there happened to be the York Food Festival. It is held only twice a year, so the food gods must have been looking over us (I mean, what are the chances!)

DSC04104_DxO           DSC04105_DxO

The Festival was basically a market organized by local people,l selling local and exotic food (you can see me here enjoying a sweet potato and goats cheese galette.) and we could taste almost everything for free.

It. Was. Awesome.

DSC04106_DxO           DSC04107_DxO

DSC04109_DxO           DSC04114_DxO

DSC04118_DxO           DSC04128_DxO

That’s us trying some great rapeseed oil infused with garlic and other interesting flavours. To satisfy the big hunger we then had some malaysian dishes (spring rolls for the win!).

DSC04111_DxO            DSC04191_DxO

After tasting some chutneys, and buying some amazing chorizo we even found one more thing that made York amazing: a book shop sale. Success!

P. S.: My dad took all the photos, I was  busy eating.

My Daily Breakfast


yoghurt, banana, kiwi, frozen fruit mix, weetabix, black tea, milk, best ‘Greifswald’ cup ever


Since I arrived in England, for the first time of my (kind of) adult life I eat breakfast everyday and this really makes me proud of myself and gets me through the day so much better. So I’ve been telling everyone about it and a friend of mine asked me to put up my breakfast routine on the blog as I was so enthusiastic about it.

So, here it is, very simple, but not too plain in flavour (that’s why I stick to it).

Fruit Trippin’

fruit trippin'2

miracle fruit (pills), sour stuff (lemons, limes, grapefruit, rhubarb, …) or whatever you want to try

fruit trippin'3

Here’s a weird one for you. We attended a night organised by a fellow student recently during which we tried ‘miracle fruit’. This is a berry from West Africa which increases the perceived sweetness of foods (effects last for around half an hour)

During this trip we ate numerous lemons (which tasted like delicious lemonade) limes and other things such as rhubarb (which tasted like a sweetie) and tomatoes which were just plain wrong (imagine tomatoes turned into something for desert).

We were pretty dubious before going along but it was really unusual and interesting way to spend a Monday night!

Meaty Weekend


about 15 friends, a big table at Meat Mission, some alcohol (optional), a lot of meat (essential)


(Green Chilli Cheeseburger)

This weekend we went to London to go to an incredible place: Meat Mission. We are both meat lovers but try to only buy organic and local meat for special occasions.

So of course Alice and I were very excited, starving ourselves for this feast and our hardship was rewarded with some of the best burgers around!

Here are just some impressions.




(Chilli Cheese Fries, Monkey Fingers, … )